4.3 Development Workstation

The Workstation should be provisioned with the following:

  • 1. CentOS Linux 6.3 x86_64 Workstation
  • 2. jdk-6u31-linux-x64-rpm or newer version of jdk-6. Note: Do not use jdk-6u18
  • 3. 16GB RAM & 2 Cores minimum hardware allocation
  • 4. The hostname of the workstation for this tutorial is expected to be permanently assigned as h13.demo.dev
  • 5. h13.demo.dev should be configured to use a certified copy of both the CentOS and EPEL repos
  • 6. The workstation will need an example account created called ‘poulin’ with permissions:
    • a. Account poulin must be able to sudo with root level credentials h13.demo.dev
    • b. Account poulin must be able to log into the gnome desktop of h13.demo.dev, either directly in the case of local bare metal installation, vmware installation or virtualbox installation. Or via VNC SSH tunnel client if the workstation is hosted on AWS or trusted other remote cloud/VPS, dedicated hosting service or datacenter.

4.4 HBase Cluster

  • 1. Navigate to https://ccp.cloudera.com/display/DOC/Documentation
  • 2. Download and archive a copy of all documents under:
    • a. Cloudera Manager 4.1 Enterprise Edition Documentation
    • b. Cloudera Manager 4.1 Free Edition Documentation
  • 3. Follow the steps outlined in CM-4.1-free-installation-guide.pdf to provision a pseudo distributed cluster in the same trusted network as the Development Workstation on h13.demo.dev. The cluster must consist of:
    • a. A single host with the assigned hostname h12.demo.dev
    • b. The single host should be installed with CM4.1 as well as the hbase and all dependent rolls via the CM4.1 UI.

4.5 Network

Both the HBase Cluster and the Workstation should be on the same trusted network. With:

  • - Two and only two hosts existing on the trusted network:
    • o h12.demo.dev (pseudo distributed HBase cluster & Cloudera Manager 4.1)
    • o h13.demo.dev (CentOS Linux 6.3 x86_64 Workstation)
  • - All external in-bound ports blocked for connections into the trusted network except for SSH from other trusted locations only.
    • - The workstation must be able to connect out to the internet on HTTP, HTTPS , FTP and SFTP
    • - No ports should be blocked between the HBase Cluster and the Workstation within the trusted network.
    • - Both h13.demo.dev and h12.demo.dev to have a permanent static IP address and hostname.
    • - The IP address on both h13.demo.dev and h12.demo.dev must support reverse lookup to hostname.
    • - The date and time on both h13.demo.dev and h12.demo.dev must be permanently in sync.