Install M2E extension for Eclipse Juno
Note: this will update /home/poulin/.eclipse directory
o help -> eclipse marketplace -> Search tab -> find (Maven Integration for Eclipse) (enter key)
o Under “Maven Integration for Eclipse” click Install.
o Check all boxes under “Confirm Selected Features” if they are not already checked and Click Next.
o If you accept the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement, Check the acceptance and Click Finish
o When prompted to restart Eclipse Click Yes.


Close Eclipse


Obtain a copy of bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-project.tar.bz2 from Cloudera and save to /home/poulin/


Prepare bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT for execution from Eclipse and CLI
su poulin
# reminder: Any previously cashed maven downloads for the poulin
# account will be deleted in next command

cd /home/poulin/
tar jxf bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-project.tar.bz2
cd /home/poulin/bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/
mkdir /home/poulin/bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/conf.sac.old
mv /home/poulin/bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/conf/hbase-site.xml /home/poulin/bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/conf.sac.old/
mv /home/poulin/bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/conf/core-site.xml /home/poulin/bcounts-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT/conf.sac.old/